Mujeres Líderes

Mujeres Líderes or ‘Women Leaders’ is a 4-session course is designed to build the leadership capacity of immigrant women who have been affected by the deportation process or want to work toward immigration reform through community organizing. The Mujeres Líderes course provides a unique opportunity for immigrant women to develop leadership skills in their own language while giving them opportunities to apply these new skills to make a systematic changes in their community. This program is made possible by the Women’s Fund of Greater Milwaukee and the New Sanctuary Movement at Voces de la Frontera.


1. To introduce women to community organizing by explaining it in theory and practice.

2. To provide women with opportunities to develop basic leadership skills so that they can organize more effectively. These include; public speaking, how to run a meeting, campaigns, history of social justice movements, civic engagement and effective methods of communication.

3. To give women an understanding of the role that previous Latina leaders held and how this has paved the way for them as emerging community leaders.

6ff6eb_c48b33deda0040a184aa17ae01bd74ba “I now understand why being active in my community really matters…it’s not just about me, it’s about other women like me who are living without knowing when their family will be separated.  My husband’s deportation process allowed me to see how harsh the [immigration] system is, and Mujeres Líderes has taught me that I have the ability to change that.”

Rafaela, Voces member and graduate of Mujeres Líderes

“I haven’t had an easy life, my husband’s deportation has been one of the most difficult, but sitting at home crying isn’t going to get me anywhere. Getting up, being strong and doing something is.”

Maria, Voces member and graduate of Mujeres Líderes


Contact us for more information on the course, to sign up for the next session or to find out about volunteer/internship opportunities with the Mujeres Líderes program.